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Veever is a free application that uses microlocation technology and artificial intelligence to facilitate the mobility and interaction of people with visual impairments in indoor and outdoor environments..


We are a company focused on providing a better experience for blind and low vision people in urban environments.

For that to happen, we use four technological elements: smartphones, beacons, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Beacons, small bluetooth devices, are responsible for sending a signal that is received by smartphones and are converted into information and guidance on the user's surroundings. In this way, we guarantee a greater spatial sense and a greater feeling of security.


We list here the functions of our application that make it so complete and essential!

Audio description

Through a voice assistant, the user receives information and guidance in real time.

Offline usage

As the database is stored on the device itself, there's no need for an Internet connection.

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Accessible interface

The entire in-app experience is designed to meet digital accessibility guidelines.


When pointing the smartphone in the desired direction, we tell the user which points of interest are mapped there.


We use three pillars of technology to make this solution possible:


Beacon is a microlocation device that transmits - via signal Bluetooth - encoded information that, when sent to a device, is transformed into text, sounds, images, etc.

By using BLE technology - Bluetooth Low Energy - these small devices, powered by a battery, have a great autonomy, varying from 2 to 3 years.

In addition, its size allows it to be easily installed, without the need to use specific equipment that, in turn, would hinder its use.

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When installing the Veever application on their mobile devices, users start to receive the signals sent by the beacons that, when decoded by it, report the information contained via audio.

Combining other functionalities embedded in smartphones, such as the gyroscope and GPS, the user will have greater assertiveness about the things that are around him.

This whole set of actions happens in real time, automatically synchronized with the database of our servers.

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Cloud computing

To change what is sent by beacons to smartphones, we provide a platform on which those responsible for managing this content can update, delete and add new information.

This feature is necessary because it is through it that we guarantee the dynamic, flexible and updated content that is delivered to the user.

To make the impact even greater, we give the administrators of this data infrastructure the possibility to generate reports and observe the usage flow, allowing him to make decisions based on statistics, thus increasing the efficiency of the solution in the environment in which it operates.

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See below some screens of our application and learn a little more about how it works.


A solution like this is not built alone, so check out some of the testimonials from our employees, users and people involved in all of this!


We are people driven by challenges and passionate about what we do. Our main objective is and will always be to positively impact the world through technology.


Our app is available for iOS and Android! Remember: in order for it to work properly, the environment must have a beacon infrastructure registered in our system!


If you are interested in implementing the solution, have any tips, questions or comments, feel free to send us a message!